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vocals, keys - joachim o'keefe    bass - jecy onassis    drums - his grace the duke of marmour   guitar, mandolin, banjo - baggo bones    harmonica, percussion - scumbo trump

ah! so you want one of these?   4Gb dual USB-A and micro-B

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the sachets of relish want your opinion! email joachimokeefe AT gmail.com with song title in subject line to nominate your favourite for full studio+band treatment!

all songs written and arranged by joachim o'keefe

string and brass arrangements by huckerby crook

engineered and produced at ganja palace studios

grateful thanks to helen montgomery and carlton studios glasgow for ideas and support

dedicated to the memory of 'el presidente' 1949-2019 RIP





expect a new album in 2020

2019 Carte Blanche Productions and Joachim O'Keefe All Rights Reserved. All songs registered with

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